Types of Trusted Online Cockfighting Gambling Options

In the Trusted Online Cockfighting Gambling game, usually before you start the game, the online gambling site will provide a menu to choose the type of chicken for your hero. There are many types of choices, including Red chicken, Blue chicken, BDD and FTD options.

You can choose the type of chicken to be used as a mainstay in the Cockfighting gambling game. Make sure before you choose the choice of type of chicken, you first learn what exactly is the best choice that you can rely on.

  • Cockfighting Games

Cockfighting is a type of gambling game where two chickens will compete to find out who is the strongest and can survive until the match is over. Even though this game is banned in our country, there are still many bettors who play it.

At first this game was played on land and watched by the public. However, because technology has become more sophisticated, the Trusted Cockfighting Gambling game has been played online. There are no more crowds where Cockfighting is being held. Because everything is played online and leads to the Cockfighting gambling game in the Philippines which legalizes the gambling game.

  • Choice of Chickens

As explained earlier, the types of chickens played in the Trusted Cockfighting Gambling game are so diverse. There are red and blue chickens, both so easy to guess and explain. However, there are other types of chickens, namely BDD and FTD, the following will be explained in detail. daftar ceme online

1. BDD Chicken Type

BDD stands for Both Dead Draw which means that the two competing chickens will die together when the match has not finished for approximately 10 minutes and that type will be declared a draw match and the bets that you and your opponent place will be returned again.

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So for BDD-type online cockfighting games that occur during a match, you don’t need to worry because all bets that have been placed will be returned to each account. And you can start a new game with a strategy that will be able to conquer the game.

2. FTD Chicken Type

While the FTD is Full Time Draw where the two competing chickens are declared a draw in a match that is in full for 10 minutes and if that happens then both players are declared defeated.

If in a match you experience FTD then don’t worry you can still start the match even though you have to feel the sadness of losing and losing the money you bet.

So it is highly recommended to place the smallest bet capital to avoid something like that from happening. We know that gambling games are tantalizing games where if you are able to win the Trusted Cockfighting Gambling game you will benefit. Even you can get rich suddenly because of it. However, you must also pay attention to the risks that will occur if you experience a protracted defeat.

Do not let you lose a lot of money due to excessive ambition to win. It doesn’t matter if you are a professional bettor, it doesn’t matter why you spend a lot of money to get more because you can use all kinds of tricks that will make your gambling game, especially the Online Cockfighting game win.