The Right Technique to Win Playing Online Sicbo Which Player Rarely Know About

The type of sicbo online game is still a debate on how to win. It cannot be denied that sicbo gambling becomes a debate, this is because indeed to win playing sicbo you must have the right playing technique. And of course there are no players who want to play Sicbo to lose, all players are definitely aiming for victory. But do you already know about the right playing technique so you can win playing sicbo?

On this occasion we will share a number of techniques to win playing Sicbo. Therefore, please refer to our review below about the proper playing technique to win sicbo. Hopefully this article can help you to increase the percentage of wins when playing sicbo. Because all of us do not expect defeat during play.

Some Winning Techniques Playing Sicbo Online

In the following, we will immediately share some of the techniques for playing Sicbo online and their explanations in order to win playing Sicbo, including the following:

  • Multiply the stakes gradually
    The first technique you have to do is multiply the bet gradually. What is meant gradually is that you have to place a higher bet when you win the round. For example, you place a bet of 50,000, and you win. So your chips have 100,000, then you have to install 70,000 in the next round. And so on, but if you lose the round. you have to lower the stakes to the original.
  • Place bets on columns 2,3 and 4
    The second technique is to place bets on columns 2, 3 and 4. What is meant by column 2 is the bet column for the number of dice. The third column is column 2 dice, and the fourth column is column 1 dice. So in columns 2,3 and 4 you must be able to guess the number of dice, the number of dice that will come out and what dice will come out. And all three columns have bet payout rates that are many times higher than placing big / small or odd / even bets.
  • Don’t place the triple bet too often
    The third technique is to avoid installing triple dice. In Sicbo gambling, there is a type of bet that is like a jackpot, namely triple dice. This type of daftar sbobetonline triple dice bet has 150x the payout of the bet. However, this is certainly rarely found. So you shouldn’t focus on aiming for the jackpot, but you have to focus more on guessing the number of dice. But if your feeling says in a few rounds a triple dice will come out, you can install it in a small amount. Because of a small bet you can make a big profit.
  • Changing dealers
    The fourth technique is to change dealers, where each type of gambling must have several live dealers. Usually each dealer has a time difference of about 10-20 seconds. Therefore you have to take advantage of these 10-20 seconds to move around. This is so that you can win from each of these dealers. But in this case you have to do the exercise first, so when you do it you are not in a hurry. Because if you are in a hurry, it is certain that you cannot place the bet correctly.
  • Set targets on achievement
    The last and most important technique is to set targets during play. Basically every player who plays does not make a target to play. And of course this can make you suffer a crushing defeat. You have to be able to make winning and losing targets. Suppose you set a daily winning target of 500,000 and a losing target of 200,000. Once you have touched that point, you must immediately stop playing this game.
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