The Meaning of Transaction Status on Sbobet

Sbobet is the largest company in Southeast Asia and to be precise in the Philippines, Who has been serving people in the world for 20 years to make bets, such as betting sportsbooks, casino slot games to virtual games are also provided by sbobet only. To provide the best service for members in this world. Of course, all games on sbobet have data for each transaction, Well, every transaction for true members must know it which aims to make it easier for every transaction on sbobet

The Meaning of Transaction Status on Sbobet

For loyal members, of course, they are very familiar with the term transaction status on sbobet, Those who have problems are for ordinary people or new members who have just joined sbobet, the following is the meaning of the transaction status:

  • Won/victory = The bet that has been placed has won, that is the term for won or victory

Usually we can find these terms in online soccer betting. Waiting denied/trun down declined = The type of bet that is rejected when in an ongoing match because,

There is a goal or there is a violation in the match, or is doing the Situs Judi Online Bola.

  • Void = if the match is postponed due to weather or the like, the bet will be returned from sbobet.
  • Draw/draw = the result of the match between the two teams in a draw, the bet will be and the funds will be returned to their respective sbobet accounts. situs poker deposit 10rb

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The explanation above is a term for all bets contained in online soccer or a kind of sportsbook bet, Which means that the term will not be found in other types of games, such as poker, casino, lottery bets to cassava bets. And hopefully this article can be of significant help for sbobet members to understand the status of the transaction.

Found from online soccer betting, those who don’t understand can contact customer service from the online soccer agent site in question.