The Business Of Online

2004 saw online poker become a billion dollar business, partially fueled by an online qualifier winning the main event of the WSOP for the second straight year. Online card rooms popped up faster than demand could possibly bear, and the end of 2004 saw the very first in the inevitable series of closures in these new online card rooms. The market leaders continued to thrive in this space, while the rest of the rooms battled it out for a very small piece of the pie.

2005 will once again be a banner year for this young industry, and it is clear that while the industry will undergo many changes, online poker is here to stay. New technologies will develop that will allow players to play for real money, in more places and ways than anyone would have thought possible. Creativity will begin to rule the competitive direction of this business, and online rooms will offer more and more unique and interesting trips, perks, and opportunities to keep its player base interested, and returning. agen judi depobos

Predictions for 2005 – The business of online poker

By my closest (very unofficial) count, there are currently 33 established online poker rooms operating slot online terlengkap. By the end of 2005, that number will be cut in half. The business of online poker will be a healthy one in 2005. As with any new business, however, many startups will fall, and others with a player base worth having, or some kind of proprietary technology will be gobbled up by one of the market leaders.

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The number of players playing real money poker online will peak this coming year. The number will eventually stabilize, but 2005 will be online pokers biggest year. Online poker rooms will send 1,800 people to the main event of the WSOP.