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Giovani dos Santos is reportedly set to leave his club, Tottenham Hotspur. Tottenham Hotspur young player, Giovani dos Santos is rumored to be leaving the Premier League soon. This was revealed by his own agent, Vicente Montes. The news that blows where the Mexican national player will move to the giant Serie A club, Inter Milan. The departure was judged to be a player exchange, namely the Nerazzuri number one goalkeeper was exchanged for Dos Santos. As it is known that Inter will release the goalkeeper in the transfer market. In addition, Dos Santos also did not feel at home at Spurs and wanted to leave immediately. However, this was denied by the agent who stated that the issue was just hearsay. “His departure was not due to a player exchange but my client wanted to play in La Liga or Serie A. Now that he has the offer, of course we will accept it,” said Montes. “However, the news that says we made a deal with Inter by swapping Dos Santos for Julio Cesar is completely absurd and I deny that it happened to us,” he continued. For now, Montes insists that Inter have a great chance of getting Santos. As it is known that Giovani managed to perform well where in the 2012 London Olympics. The 23-year-old player managed to bring Mexico to the final round and managed to beat the Brazilian national team. The beginning of Giovani’s career where he was recruited by Barcelona and then moved to Spurs. But at Lillywhites he did not shine so he was loaned out to several clubs. After being loaned out, Giovani lacked confidence so he was often seen on the bench. Currently, the opportunity to get a regular place will be obtained if he wants to move clubs. This is what makes Giovani shine again where he gets a place in the first team.

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Former Arsenal goalkeeper, Manuel Almunia considers that at this time his former club made quite a striking change where some of the signings of players made by Arsene Wenger were daftar casino online promising enough to shine the club back again. Even so, the Alumnia who has now been sold to Watford is considered not to feel revenge, on the contrary, who provides support to his former team. The recruitment of star players by The Gunner turned out to have succeeded in making Robin Van Persie a little bit his intentions, which previously wanted to leave the Emirates Stadium, are now starting to fade. hokijudi99

As it is known that at this time, Arsenal have not tasted the title for a long time where for seven years they have to sit still and not feel satisfied with winning a title. Even so, Aluminia emphasized that next season, Arsenal will again show its glory as a club that is a candidate for champion as well as a threat to other clubs in the club competition. Previously, in 2004, when Alumnia came to Arsenal for the first time, they thought that everything would change and he was waiting for it. But until now, nothing has been achieved and passed every competition just like that.

“When I came there, I believed that they could make a difference to the club. But until now, there is no right thing to change all that. But for the news that I know, that they will be victorious again and I am confident in what they are doing now,” he said. In addition to buying several star players, Arsenal are also reportedly in the process of preparing to borrow Real Madrid’s Nuri Sahin within a year.

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