Sakong gambling which is played using the android apk

Sakong is one of the online gambling games that are in great demand by Indonesian gamblers. It is natural that this game is popular, because this game offers a different sensation compared to common card gambling games such as poker or domino qq. Moreover, this game also has a fantastic jackpot for its players.

If you want to play this best card gambling, the method is very easy. This you can play using a computer or laptop via a browser. So later, all you have to do is access the online gambling site, login and then you can play. But before that, you must first register as a member on the online gambling site.

Now there is also a new way to enjoy this game. No longer need a computer or laptop, now you can play using an android phone. Not through the browser, this time you play through a special application. So you can really enjoy a card gambling as easy as just enjoying the game.

Of course, this method will provide maximum convenience to gamblers. Because with this method, later you can play gambling flexibly. How not, you only need a smartphone that incidentally can be taken anywhere. If you are interested in trying it, the complete guide can be obtained below.

First, look for the right online bandarq site on the internet

Basically the process is the same as playing online browser gambling. But if anyone doesn’t know, here it will be explained in full. The first step needed is to find an online gambling site. The search should not be careless, you have to check a few things before choosing it.

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First, you have to check whether the dealer is an online gambling link alternatif sbobet that provides your favorite games. If true, you can check again, whether the online bookies already support the android application or not. Because basically, until now not all online bookies have provided this kind of facility.

Therefore, the selection of the city should not be careless if you are serious about trying this gambling via the android application. In addition to these two things, you can also check how the offers and facilities at the city are. Make sure the city you want to choose has the best quality of service and offers for you.

First create an account and make a deposit

Then, after finding the city, immediately create an online gambling account at the city. It’s easy, just visit the Sakong online gambling site that you selected earlier and then enter the list menu. In some cities, if you visit it, you will be automatically redirected to the register menu.

In the register menu or register there is a registration form which you need to complete properly and correctly. There are several things that need to be completed such as name, bank account and several other things. If everything is complete, you can click ok to complete this registration process. link alternatif poker139

Then, immediately proceed with the deposit process to fill in the balance as well as activate your account. Because before the first deposit was made, gambling facilities and all other supporting facilities could not be used. Therefore, make a deposit immediately, the sooner the better for you.

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Download and install the application on your android phone

After registering and making a deposit, you can play right away but via a computer. If you want to play via the android application, then you need to download it first. The online gambling application is very small in size so there is no need for extra devices. As long as the Android device has enough memory, the application can be used.

A few tips, if you have trouble installing the application, you can activate the unknown sources mode in the settings menu. This is something you need to adjust first before this apk can be installed. This is a natural thing, because the apk does not come from the playstore. After it is activated, you can install the online gambling apk later.

If it is successfully installed, just open the application. Once open, login by entering your online gambling username and password. If you have successfully logged in, just select the game and then specify the betting table. Then, you can start a career as a sakong gambling player through accessing the application installed on the android phone.