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The seaside town of Monte Carlo, with more than 10,000 families, has been a rich place since ancient times. The pier here is moored with hundreds of millions of private yachts. And there are as many super roads on the streets as there are taxis. And Casino Monte Carlo downtown of course. It is a place where the most glamorous gamblers in the world love to make money.

But not even Casino Monte Carlo I’ve ever seen in any scene. There was a strange incident one night, which is often talked about after a hundred years and became a local legend. On August 18, 1913, the casino was full of friends and full of fun. Suddenly, there was an exclamation from the roulette table, and guests came to visit. I saw the staff who hosted the roulette face pale and stuttered and said. I swear, I really have no hands, really! What is it? Casino executives rushed to ask. This roulette has a ghost!

A guest shouted. It shook thirteen blacks in a row! Friends who have not bet on roulette must have seen roulette. There are numbers on them, drawn on the black and red squares. And gamblers can bet with any combination of numbers or colors. When the wheel starts to spin, a small white ball rolls in the opposite direction. Along the periphery, it gradually falls into the grid. And determine who is the winner based on the number and color of the grid. In general, the chance of shaking red or black is almost 50%. However, this casino table roulette looks evil at night, and it is very rare to have thirteen black people. In a row like the same side of a coin tossed thirteen times.

Casino director said. Everyone can see that a machine like this cannot be deceived. In addition, the amount each time is different, but the color is the same.

Then I want to press red! A gambler rushed to the wall and daftar slot online terpercaya, It’s not always black. Yes! A group of people listened and joined in. But shaking again, the result is still black. By now, the news had spread throughout the casino. Count me! Count me!

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The guests rushed over and waved their chips, everyone chose red. They might think. There are so many black people in a row that goes against common sense. And will be red the next time! When the blacks reappeared, the gamblers continued to be overweight as they screamed. Finally, the red finally appeared. After 26 blacks appeared in a row.

It was almost impossible to see twenty-six blacks in a row, but that night did happen. Some gamblers have pressed red, to the loss of all of them, and some have even fainted, and the scene is almost out of control. The biggest winner of this event was the bookmaker, who scored millions of francs in one go. The Monte Carlo Incident later became a textbook for explaining the phenomenon of gambler error, also known as the Monte Carlo fallacy.

An ordinary gambler his like to say. It was too unusual to have so many black people in a row. Then there will be more red to balance right back! The results are affected. When we toss a coin, the chance of getting a positive or negative side is 50%. If it’s positive for multiple consecutive shots, would it be easier to get the reverse side next time? No, because every time a coin is tossed it is an independent matter, it has nothing to do with the previous outcome.

Suppose we keep tossing a coin from the beginning of the universe to the present, adding up all the results. There should be almost 50% positive and 50% negative. However, if we look at historical records, you may find.

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that there were times when there were a lot of positives in one line. Or many times in a row. If you fail, there will be millions of positive or negative results. While extraordinary, on the whole, this is a normal random phenomenon. The larger the sample size, the longer it will take, and the more likely it will look like a miracle. We can even say that in the lifetime of man, it is inevitable to find magic. The question is, Are miracles good? Still bad?

It’s been said before. Someone buys two tea eggs at a convenience store, and then takes a unified invoice to win a prize for a prize. That person must be feeling very lucky, but I can’t help but think of the guests in front of him. They have to jump and swear when they redeem the prize, because the difference in the number of tails will get nothing.

I also have a habit of keeping a uniform invoice. When gifts are given, turtles are often banned, but the atmosphere will not be lost by the two people. The result is the same, but the feeling is different. For those who buy tea eggs, if to be true the experience is good for themselves. It would be called a miracle or good luck. His two other people who had passed the tens of thousands of gifts were also coincidental. But they can only call this experience dumping or bad luck. Coincidence always happens in life. The difference between good and bad is only whether it benefits us.

Those who know how to respond will have the opportunity to change some seemingly insignificant coincidences. And even negativity becomes fate and to a lucky chance. But we will definitely compare it with others. Imagine you got a thousand dollars.

Cash On The Side Of The Road, Should You Feel Lucky
But if a friend who is shopping with you also picks up a lottery ticket on the side of the road. Would you feel lucky if you won the jackpot according to the numbers above? We usually compare it with the surrounding environment to judge whether luck is good or bad. Some people live rich and rich, but their hearts are not happy. Often because they always feel that the people around them are luckier than themselves. Daftar Bandar Bola Terpercaya

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Comparison mentality is inevitable, but if we want to be happy, we must concentrate on playing the cards in our hands. Instead of seeing someone else win, we feel that our cards are too bad. In terms of bad cards, it may sound ridiculous, but gamblers are still common in everyday life. Many people expect riches to naturally turn around with the mentality of extremes having to be reversed. But things are often not so simple.

We have to be clear about causality, if we fail to know the cause, we can’t do anything just by feeling alone. At the table, we can see the most obvious expressions of gamblers’ mistakes. How can I get lost so many times? Come again! Or vice versa. I’m excited now! Let me call again, see Just accept it!

The last phenomenon is called hot fall hand. Some gamblers feel that their hands are hot when they win. If they lose, they feel that they will transfer immediately. After all, they had to keep on gambling. As a result, the hole will get deeper and deeper. Those who really know how to gamble, like professional Texas Hold’em players. Believe in luck, but they believe in analysis. When the cards are not good, they try to make themselves lose less. When the cards are good, they will be brave and bet to get the highest prize. They rely on offensive skills