Gong Ball Live Casino IDN Live

Gong Ball Live Casino IDN Live When you read the game Gong Ball of course some of you are still wondering, indeed this game is not as popular as other live casino games such as baccarat, roulette, dragon tiger and so on and also play other online poker gambling.

The games that you can find at IDN Live Casino are games that use balls as well as cards as a medium for playing. This combination is arguably unique, the gong ball uses 3 red balls with a board containing numbers as the container. Beside it can be seen a room for playing cards with a player vs banker system.

In this game using a board and slide media to roll the ball to be rolled 1 by 1 of the three balls. The ball stops on a randomly available number on the board. The Gong Ball game has advantages and uniqueness in the game Situs Judi Bola Asia the player card is based on the number output where the ball stops and the banker card is based on the output of the playing card on the left.

Check out the explanation of the guide to playing gong ball Live Casino below for more details,

Guide to Playing Gong Ball Live Casino

The game is played by two dealers who will act as player vs banker. Before the game starts, the dealer will prepare 3 balls on the slide and place 3 banker playing cards face down and you are given a certain time to place bets on the available betting table. agen poker99

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After the time runs out, the dealer will open a block of 3 balls and the balls will roll one by one and the other dealer will open 3 cards which will then be added up each. The highest value from the Banker or Player will be the benchmark for who will win.

Just like the game of baccarat but in a more unique way and the highest card in this game also amounts to 9, if the sum of the cards exceeds 9 then the card will be reduced in value by 10, if the sum of the cards is more than 19 then the card will be reduced in value by 20.

Gong Ball betting options

The highest score in the game Gong ball is 3 pictures or pictures.

Main number – guess the last digit of the sum of 0 and Ace, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Small and big – is the last number from the sum of 3 balls which are worth 0 to 4 for small and 5 to 9 for big.

Even odd – the last number from the sum of the 3 balls which add up to even and odd numbers.

K (king) – one of the balls stops on the King’s image.

KK – there are two balls that stop at the picture K (king).

3 Picture – 3 results of the output balls stop at pictures J, Q and K.

Tips for Playing Gong Ball

History, never play a live casino game without considering the results of the history or previous games because usually the match will run with the same result in the next 2 to 3 rounds.

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Options, game options in a live casino are indeed very many to support your winning chances, but if you only have a small chip, try to bet only on the player and the banker. If you have a fairly large number of chips to play, it is recommended to spread the chips on a number that you believe in. Of course there is a risk in playing number options but the payout for the win is very high.

So many explanations about the Gong Ball Live casino game on IDN Live. You can try to play and feel for yourself the ease of winning this game!