Explanation of How to Play Dominoes

Online domino games have been available for a long time. This game is famous from time to time so that dominoes are experiencing rapid development. Many things can be obtained from playing on the dominoQQ site, one of which is the big advantage that can be achieved because the domino game uses real money as the betting medium. This is because the domino game has many benefits.

Therefore, domino games are good to play when the bettor feels tired or is used as a source of income. It’s good if you know all the benefits of playing domino games.

Benefits of Playing Dominoes

There are so many benefits of playing dominoes, such as the following:

  • Memory Training

It should be obvious that the game of dominoes can train memory. When you jump into the game, you are indirectly used to rote memorization. Good to memorize step by step how to play especially on the existing 28 dominoes. agen dewapoker88

  • Teamwork

Domino games can also practice good teamwork. This happens when you play together in pairs. This means that you have to know when to support your partner so that you can win. You also have to know when to step on Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi opponent’s card so you can finish first.

  • Critical Learning

When you dive into the game of dominoes, you will find many standard formulas that you need to conquer for tactical purposes. One of them is pretending to be thinking hard so as not to look very ordinary when you play against opponents who are used to playing or even when playing with a professional.

  • Practice Patience
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Other benefits will be felt when you are able to practice Judi Bola Online Terpercaya in playing dominoQQ. Your patience will be trained when you meet an opponent who is slow in acting and thinking. Especially if you meet a professional opponent who can thwart all your strategies.

Guide to Playing Dominoes

Now you know the benefits of online domino games. After that you have to start playing and dive into the game. Before that, you must know the basic method or guide in playing dominoes. The following is a brief review of playing dominoes:

  • Domino games use domino cards totaling 28 cards and are played by a maximum of 8 people.
  • In simple terms, the goal of the domino game is to combine 4 cards into 2 pairs of cards that have the highest value. The player with the highest score wins the game.
  • In the domino game, you only have player vs. player, so your chances of winning will be more.

List of Dominoes Special Cards

Another thing in the domino poker game that you must know is the 4 special cards that are available. This card will give you the opportunity to get the jackpot, here is a summary of the jackpot card:

  • Small Pure Card

A small pure card is a special card with the lowest rank among all types of special cards available. The condition for this card is that the value cannot be more than 9 for all cards that have been obtained.

  • Big Pure Card

Big pure card is a special card game with the second lowest level among all types of special cards available. The condition of this card is that the card must have a total value of 40 circles, if someone gets the number of circles up to 30 but does not have 1 log card it will be counted as 0 and the card without logs will be counted as 10 points.

  • Balak Card
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The log card is a rare special type of card where the condition for getting the card is that the number of cards for each card must have the same log, for example on the bottom side it has 5 dots on the top side and the bottom side.

  • Card 6 Gods

The highest rare special card in domino games is the six gods (6 gods). This type of card is quite difficult to obtain, the condition for this card is to have a total value of 6 in the total of each card.