Card Room Supply Casino

Chair Types

These tables come with many different optional chair types so think about what you want and all you have to do is ask. They offer chairs with or without wheels, leather covered or no leather, wood, rocker chairs and wooden folding chairs with some of the folding tables.

Casino Quality

CardRoomSupply offers Casino Quality poker tables. All oval shaped, the price on these tables runs $4,000 to $5,000, but the quality on the high end is sharp enough that I could swear I saw the same table at the Bellagio last month.


Many of their tables come with optional color choices. For example their professional table (Oval of course) comes with felt color options of green, blue or burgundy and has vinyl options of black, burgundy and white. The professional table comes with a padded arm rest that is removable for future wool felt upgrades. It also has a locking chip holder with a glass cover on the case.

Folding Tables

If you are looking for a portable variety or tables to temporarily add for various clubs or events, CardRoomSupply offers 5 varieties of folding card tables. Three of these are classic oval, one is symmetrically octagon like the round tables, and the fifth is a wooden hybrid that is oval in overall shape but has straight edges for an elongated octagon shape. Many of the folding tables include cup holders, and two of them can be customized to include your own logo on the felt, which is ideal for a bar or club preparing to sponsor an event or loaning a table out for a charitable event even. situs judi depobos

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Table Top Accessories

If you already have a table and you are looking to purchase and accessory to convert your table into a poker bandar casino terpercaya, offers both Round and Oval shaped table tops that will sit on your table and give you and your friends or club members a truly authentic perspective.

Overall Site and What about the Tax and Shipping?

OK, don’t groan now. Hang with me, Casino Cbet Tax is always free on all orders! Shipping is free on all orders over $100 and when you are looking at tables and table top accessories like covers, the prices are in the range that will guarantee you free shipping. That said if you need some small items, load them on with your table order to take advantage of the free shipping. No point in paying several hundred to a few thousand dollars on a table, and then forgetting to get the miscellaneous accessories and items, only to order them separately and pay shipping for the smaller order(flat fee of $8 if you do, so don’t sweat it). But no worries, there’s an 877 number readily available throughout the checkout process if you get stuck or have questions about one of the products. They accept major credit cards and they are also a PayPal Verified (EBay is the owner of PayPal.)