Bangkok Chicken Fighter Feed

The food that is there is classified as good for this type of fighting cock, which is usually widely used for this type of cockfighting. And also of course you also want to be able to give the best for the Fighting Chicken from yours, right? That’s because this feed is also the main source of this which can greatly affect the growth and quality of your chicken.

For this type of fighting chicken feed, there are quite a lot of types and there are also benefits and there are also very different benefits, of course. So as the owner of the chicken, we must also be able to know the importance of good feed and also good for the growth of this chicken that we have. That, too, can become the Reliable Chicken.

When you are there to feed the Bangkok Chicken from our fighter. And so we must also be able to adjust the portion according to the age for the chicken. That is also so that the process of growth is smooth and also not hampered. Daftar Akun Sbobet

The existing fighting cock is still a sapling with the adult fighting cock. And of course there are also portions that are very much different from the different types of feed. It is for this Bangkok chick that there is a need for this feed intake which contains a lot of high protein.

Fighting Chicken Feeding Must Be Nutritious

That is so that it can meet a need for its growth period. Meanwhile, from the feed for the Bangkok Chicken that already exists today, there is also a Daftar Bandar Bola Terpercaya for existing feed that has a very high carbohydrate content. That’s also in order to be able to maintain for fitness and stamina for the chicken.

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As from a Player for Chicken and there is also a hobbyist for Cockfighting. Do you even know the type of feed that is very good and also good for the chicken from your pet?. Maybe some of you are from experienced botohs.

And also of course there are already knowing of the type of feed that is very good to be given also to the fighting cock, but there are also some of you. What’s left is just that plunge into the world for Cockfighting. And even this, of course, there is still confusion about being able to choose the type of feed, right?.

The first is Red Rice Feed

Take it easy, friend, if you are confused about what type of feed you can find. That’s very good and also good for the Bangkok Chicken of your pet fighter.

Then you have come to the right place to read from this article. And here, let’s see and practice some of the recommendations for feed. That’s very good and also good for the Bangkok Chicken for your Fighter.

Brown rice is also a type of feed that is highly recommended for feed. The fighting cock has grown up. This age that is right and also suitable to be given is when he is 7 months to 8 months old.