An Easy Way to Win in the Over/Under Market

This market over under can be said to be more profitable than the market 1 × 2. This can be proven by many soccer bettors who prefer this market to be played or become parties in the market mix parlay. To win in this market, you only need to guess whether the number of goals is more than or less than the market set by the dealer.

If you don’t understand yet, don’t worry. Please read the steps to play market over under and how to calculate it. How is this market over under more profitable than the market 1 × 2? That’s the narrative.

Compared to other types of exercise, soccer betting is sports with fewer goals. Even so, this sport is also what many people are interested in playing agen judi bola betting on-line. Unpredictable competition, players, league ability, etc. are the most important signs of a team’s ability.

When making a football market by a football dealer, the chance of the total number of goals in one competition for a market over under is so attractive because the bettor doesn’t have to choose which team is superior. You just need to guess more or less how many goals at the end of the competition. Is the number of goals more than the market or under the market.

So how do you win over under? These are some simple guidelines and tricks on calculating the probability of the number of goals in one competition. By knowing these steps, you want to be able to calculate the odds when you have to bet and when you choose to withdraw.

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Guide wins over under

1. Get the average number of goals per game

Believe it or not, each league has different goal rates. Although the trigger is not yet known, this kind of thing is a reality. For example, the Japanese and Philippine leagues have average goals as high as 5.75 goals per competition. While Spain’s Third Division has scored as low as 1.71 on average (according to i7tips).

Analyzing the league first is one step in estimating the number of goals in a competition. Or if it is very possible you can also look back at the head to head of the 2 teams.

This analytical data is actually very easy to find on-line. But to give you some inspiration regarding the disparities in average goals per competition across all of Europe’s major leagues, here are the statistics.

The Premier League competition has an average of 2, 4, the Italian Serie A with a loss of 3, 21 and the Spanish La Liga 2, 85 goals per competition.

2. Calculation of odds

In John Haigh’s book “Taking Chances”, there is a table that calculates the odds of 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 or more goals based on the average number of goals per competition.

Goals 0 1 2 3 4 or more

  • Rate-rate = 0.8 45% 36% 14% 4% 1%
  • Rate-rate = 1.2 30% 36% 22% 9% 3%
  • Rate-rate = 1.6 20% 32% 26% 14% 8%
  • Rate-rate = 2.00 14% 27% 27% 18% 14%

With the table above, it’s easy to determine the competition. For example: the home team has an average goal of 1.2 goals and the visitors 0, 8. For example, you want to calculate the odds of under 2. 5. The steps are so easy.

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First, you have to determine the correct score to last 2.5 goals (0-0, 1-0, 0-1. 1-1, 2-0, 0-2). Then get the odds for each team using the table above and then calculate the odds of the score by multiplying them.

Score of course Odds of the home team to score (1.2)

Odds for the visitors to score (0. 8) Possible definite score:

  • 0-0 30% 45% (30%) x (45%) = 13.5%
  • 1-0 36% 45% (36%) x (45%) = 16.2%
  • 0-1 30% 36% (30%) x (36%) = 10.8%
  • 1-1 36% 36% (36%) x (36%) = 12.96%
  • 2-0 22% 45% (22%) x (45%) = 9.9%
  • 0-2 30% 14% (30%) x (14%) = 4.2%
  • Under 2.5 Goal 67.56%

After we know the percentage of the final result, we can calculate the odds under 2.5, namely:
13.5% + 16.2% + 10.8% + 12.96% + 9.9% + 4.2% = 67.5%

3. Ensure the odds are eligible to bet

Now that we have confirmed the percentage of opportunities under 2.5 as above, only one thing you need to run is the best odds that you deserve to play.

To convert the percentage you have made to decimal odds, use the formula:

Decimal odds = 100/chance

Similar to the example above, the probability of under 2.5 is 67.56. We can input the formula to be 100/67. 56 = 1.48.

What does it mean? That means you have to bet if the odds offered are higher than 1. 48. If the odds can be called it is not yet worth the percentage of winning.

Is this formula sure to work? Not. This formula is the probability formula. We all understand the meaning of opportunity whether it can take place or not. But at least this formula can be a guide for those of you who want to win over under.

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It’s possible to make use of this guide a little difficult. But over time you certainly become ordinary and can get out of your head.

If you feel bored with this game, you can also try other games. One of them is the online live casino gambling game. Which might get rid of the boredom that is hitting you.