Advantages and Disadvantages of Fund Deposit Gambling You Should Know

Playing online gambling is one of the recommended activities for you lovers of gambling games. In this era of the corona virus outbreak, you are required to always stay at home. Therefore, you can play online gambling games via mobile phones. So, there is no direct contact between players and some bettors have a great opportunity to get jackpot prizes of up to millions of rupiah.

But before that, as a bettor on an online gambling website. You have to know how to transfer money deposits to the most trusted online bookies to convert them into chips. These chip coins become the official betting material when the bettor participates in one of the online gambling games on the online gambling game website that is followed.

There are ways to transfer money deposits at online bookies. On average, these online bookies use a bank transfer system for bettors who want to send money as a deposit. There are many trusted and best online bookies that use other payment systems, namely using the DANA deposit gambling method.

What is a FUND Step?

In this digital age, most business transactions use electronic money. One of the programs that provide digital business transactions is DANA. This program really gives lightness and comfort in doing electronic money business. So, some of these online bookies use this program as a medium for business transactions between bettors and bookies.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of DANA Deposit Gambling?

Using the DANA program as a medium for online gambling deposit business transactions to the city. Well, using this electronic money media, there are certainly many advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of depositing bets to online bookies through the DANA program. One of them as below.

  • Advantages
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1. Faster Business Transaction Process

The process of business transactions using this program can be faster than using a bank transfer system. Because, the transfer process using this program only waits for some time for transfer validation. Meanwhile, using this bank transfer system will take some time for the validation process.

2. No Transfer Fee

Sometimes, using this bank transfer system is subject to admin fees. This admin fee varies. Starting from Rp. 5,000 to Rp. 6,500. If in a month you deposit about 20 times. Therefore, this admin fee can reach Rp. 100,000 per month. If you use the DANA program. Therefore, this admin fee is not borne by you as a customer.

3. Easier Business Transaction Process

And the advantage of the transfer system through this program is the ease of doing business. Yes, you need to download and register a DANA account via mobile.
So, all this transfer process only uses your cellphone. Unlike the bank transfer system. You have to go to the nearest bank to transfer cash to an online bookies bank account.

  • Deficiency

1. Must Use Internet Network

If you don’t have constant internet access. Therefore, you cannot do business through the DANA program. If there is an internet connection problem. Therefore, you cannot transfer a deposit to a DANA account from an online bookie.

2. Mandatory Download DANA Program

And the weakness in using the transfer system through the DANA program is that it requires several customers to download the program. If you do not have a DANA program. Therefore, you cannot use the payment system. judi poker online

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Well, this DANA deposit gambling step has certain advantages and disadvantages. As a bettor, you can choose to use a deposit payment system via bank transfer or through the DANA program.